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logo of the 15th International Symposium on Tardigrada in Kraków, Poland, 22nd-26th of August 2022, showing an individual of Doryphoribius dawkinsi, a yellow parachelan eutardigrade with dorsal gibbosities, breathing fire, stylised as the statue of the Wawel Dragon at the foot of the Wawel Hill in Kraków. Font and flame colours represent the colours of the Jagiellonian University logo. Concept and design: Łukasz Michalczyk, artwork: Kamil Janelt (Silesia University) & Łukasz Michalczyk (Jagiellonian University). CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE

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Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts must conform to the following instructions (Abstract Template conforming to the guidelines is available to download from here):

•    total word limit (i.e. including title, author names(s), author affiliations, abstract body, and keywords): 400 words

•    page format: A4

•    page margins: 2 cm on all sides

•    language: English (GB/UK)

•    font: Times New Roman

•    paragraph formatting:

-    line spacing = 1.0,

-    spacing after paragraph = 6 pt

•    title: font size 14, bold [Ctrl+b], centred

•    authors:

-    full first names and surnames,

-    font size 12, Small Caps [Ctrl+Shift+k],

-    affiliations indicated by numbers in superscript immediately after the surname (i.e. with no spaces),

-    authors must be separated with commas, except for the last two authors, which must be separated with an “&” character

-    underline the author who will present the talk / poster at the Symposium (this isn’t always the first or the last author),

•    author affiliations:

-    starting with a number in superscript, with no space between the number and the first word of the affiliation,

-    font size 10, italics [Ctrl+i], centred

-    each affiliation must be provided in a new line

-    please do not provide email addresses or ORCID numbers here – these will be listed at the end of the Abstract Book,

-    please keep your affiliation(s) as short as possible (i.e. main institution name and country name),

•    abstract body:

-    font size 12, regular font (but occasional use of italics and bold font is allowed if required), text justified

-    divided into four parts: Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions

-    each of these parts constitutes a separate paragraph and each starts in bold font and ends with a colon (also in bold),

•    keywords, listed alphabetically and without a full stop after the last keyword (there is no limit on the number of keywords, but they must fit within the total limit of 400 words per abstract),

•    do not provide references (abbreviated taxonomic authorities, i.e. with the first authors followed by an italicised “et al.” should be provided in small caps in the text, but without listing the references)

•    Insert blank lines with font size set to 12 between: the title and authors, affiliations and abstract, abstract and keywords

•    please do not leave a blank line below the last line of text (i.e. the last keyword must be in the last line of your file).

Abstracts are to be uploaded via the REGISTRATION PLATFORM.