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till the Late Registration deadline

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logo of the 15th International Symposium on Tardigrada in Kraków, Poland, 22nd-26th of August 2022, showing an individual of Doryphoribius dawkinsi, a yellow parachelan eutardigrade with dorsal gibbosities, breathing fire, stylised as the statue of the Wawel Dragon at the foot of the Wawel Hill in Kraków. Font and flame colours represent the colours of the Jagiellonian University logo. Concept and design: Łukasz Michalczyk, artwork: Kamil Janelt (Silesia University) & Łukasz Michalczyk (Jagiellonian University). CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE

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Registration Deadlines

Early registration: 31.03.2022, now extended to: 22.04.2022
Late registration: 15.05.2022, now extended to: 22.05.2022

Registration means: (1) filling out the registration form, (2) submitting your abstract (if you want to present your research), and (3) paying the chosen registration fee. All these actions are to be done via the REGISTRATION PLATFORM. In other words, the deadline for abstract submission is the same as the registration and payment deadlines (early or late).




Cancellations until 06.06.2022 will be fully refunded (minus bank transfer/credit card charges).
Cancellation after 06.06.2022 will not be refunded.

All cancellation requests must be sent in writing both to and to

Decisions for Travel Grants will be made by 22.05.2022. Therefore, if your attendance depends on obtaining a travel grant and you were not awarded one or the amount awarded was too low, you will have two weeks to cancel your registration, if you wish, and recover your registration fee (minus bank transfer/credit card charges).

All cancellation refunds will be processed after the Symposium.

If the Symposium is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, everyone who registered will be able to vote whether they want to postpone the Symposium and come to Kraków in 2023 or whether they would like the Symposium to be held online. Under the first scenario, the registration fees will be kept in the JU’s bank account until the 2023 Symposium, whereas in the second scenario, the Symposium budget will be recalculated (an online Symposium should be cheaper) and a part of the registration fee will be refunded to each participant.



Extended Deadlines are also shown in the graphic timeline below (to scale):


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A timeline graphically illustrating the key deadlines and events associated with the Symposium. CLICK TO ACCESS A TEXT-READABLE PDF VERSION OF THE IMAGE.